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NY Senator Chuck Schumer: ‘Ever Since Trump Won I Am… God Told Me To Fight Against…’

New York Senator Chuck Schumer clearly had an “aha” moment after Hillary Clinton’s surprising loss in the 2016 race. He is sure that it was a message straightforwardly sent from “God.”

It is obvious, from his way of thinking, that Schumer trusts the message means a push for an even stronger battle against Trump.

After the heavy defeat of the Democrats, Schumer expressed he was in a “profound funk” and didn’t know what to do exactly.

Schumer expressed for Politico that he fell into a “profound funk” following Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the presidential election in November 2016 and couldn’t recover until the point when he got “a message from God.”

“He said he fell into a deep funk for three days after Clinton lost and Democrats blew their best chance at taking back the Senate until 2020,” as per Politico. “But on the fourth day, Schumer stated, ‘it was like a thunderbolt hit me, almost a message from God.’”

“I said to myself if Hillary won and you were majority leader, the job would be more fun and it would be a lot easier. And most importantly you’d get to do some good things,” Schumer added.“But with Trump as president and you as minority leader, the job is much more important. That has fueled me ever since.”

Obviously Schumer thinks that the “message from God” was to take the power again from Republicans regardless of what the results are?